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The Division

THE DIVISION is our specialist department in ADVANCED VFX scenes that are otherwise considered too expensive, impractical, or simply unattainable to capture on film. We focus on sequences such as gore effects, digital-character doubles, destruction, big-scale liquids & fluid simulations, and creature effects work.

Discover our department The Division, pioneering in the research & development for breathtaking VFX scenes and artistry. 

Find the impossible, Possible with The Division


Concept Art
Digital Character Double
Creatures & Animals
Concept Art
Our art team provides full creative and visual development services.

Including creative briefs, conceptual art, style frames, colour studies, plus later production stages such as 3D Animatics & 3D Pre-Visualization

Digital Character Double
Body and head replacement techniques vary between simple 2D compositing techniques and complicated 3D or 2D mesh wrapping.

Tracking and match moving are always required for such shots. We use a variety of techniques to achieve these kinds of effects using complicated tracking and animation tools to match the real actor’s movement with the character double.

Creatures & Animals
If you can dream the creature, we can make it come to life.

The team also specializes in the creation of animals with life-like realism. From the intricate movement of the animal to the skin and hair- no detail is overlooked. The team has created work for feature films and high-end commercials.

We design and execute creatures starting from conceptual sketch to sculpting and modeling, rigging and skinning, setting up its flesh system and muscles to the final texture, and, lastly, the fur and hair.

In a niche area of visual effects, CG liquids are one of the most established services we do for feature films, movies and commercials.

Our CG liquids behave like real fluids for large scale scenes such as oceans and flood scenarios, and for small scale scenarios we create food, water, sauce, milk, tea, fruits, whatever the appetite. We flawlessly collide and splash any fluid creations against each other to create extremely slow or fast-motion destruction or beauty shots.

Behind The Scenes

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