More than 35 minutes of full heavy CGI ocean scenes with ships, whales and waves, 23 singers and 12 musicians live, 135 costumes, numerous scene changes, 70 square holographic projection screen, 96 square LED display, and impressive views goes to scene of Pallas (from 28/2) the mega-production of the Onassis Foundation and Theatrical Stages, “Moby Dick”.

The Division (AMG R&D and visual effects department) managed to deliver more than 35 minutes of full CGI ocean and water scenes with ships, whales, sharks and heavy water battle scenes in less than 40 days, something we were told was impossible to achieve or accepted as a job by any visual effects company in the market. 

• Battleship scenes
• Ocean creatures; whales, seagulls, and sharks
• Modelling, texturing, rigging, and animation
• 35 minutes of simulating and rendering multiple layers of open ocean scenes with ships battling several giant whales
• With CandyshopVFX, we delivered the shots on time to meet the screening day
• With our in-house VFX and CG simulation and rendering tools, we developed a very effective pipeline, which enabled us to work, net-sim, and render, as well as to communicate with the production team between Greece and the USA.

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