A hard-hitting drama directed by Basil Alkhatib, depicting 100 years of Syrian history as seen through the stories of three women named Mariam, who each lived in different eras.

Burning girl shot: For the scene where the lead of the film Mariam is on fire, we captured the actress’s movement via camera-based motion capture techniques using two small cameras to automatically triangulate each tracking point on her body and convert the data to build and drive her digital double.  Once we automated the footage so no camera tracks are visible and the digital double is simulated with fire, we rendered the shot using software tools we wrote ourselves to smoothly transfer the data from tracking utilities to animation software to complete clothes and fire simulation.

The Horse shots: We created a digital-double for the horse used in multiple scenes which would have otherwise been too dangerous for live-action footage. Bones, muscles, and hair simulations were all used to maximize the realism of the horse movement and its final look.

The Church destruction scene: We used a variety of fracturing techniques and patterns to conduct the different materials of the church building, including bricks, cement and the metal structure inside its columns. After which we simulated all the details using rigid and soft-body simulation tools for the building itself and the inner metal structure. Along with a very customized connection system between its falling pieces that aided the scene to look very realistic.