Archetype Media Group


Sci-Fi / Comedy / Adventure




1 Hour 50 Minutes Estimated Run-Time   


The celebrated Miss Universe pageant offers our planet’s most beautiful women the opportunity to represent their country. For ALEGRA VELASCO, it represents a lifetime of preparation and the chance to finally make her parents proud. After all, being crowned the winner surely means that she’s the most capable and attractive female in the whole wide world…right?

QUEEN SANTAR, the Galaxy’s supreme dictator, might have something to say about that. Her minions have intercepted the pageant’s televised broadcast and they mistake it as an act of rebellion against the intergalactic monarchy. For daring to test her patience, and to show the world she is no one to be toyed with, Queen Santar orders her troops to invade Earth so they can crush this silly insurrection.

With the help of her demanding boss, VICTORIA ST. JULES, her super honest best friend HALEY, and the naïve and attractive alien spy ROAN, Alegra must stop the Queen’s armies, bring the galaxy together, save the world, and clear up this huge intergalactic misunderstanding.


AMG.MEDIA GROUP has acquired the Screenplay rights to produce this film.


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