Archetype Media Group


Thriller / Sci-Fi



1 Hour 45 Minutes Estimated Run-Time


BRIAN SOLBERG is a single-minded man on a mission: to rendezvous with the project manager of a program that’s shrouded in mystery. His task: to expose what he believes is a major money laundering scheme, which Uncle Sam has turned a blind eye to.  His adversary: NICHOLAS MULLER, the infamous company man who is more than a capable opponent for Brian’s sharp intellect. Making things worse is Brian’s demanding boss, CHERYL, who wants to bring down Nick’s criminal enterprise at all costs, regardless of who she must throw under the bus.

As the men engage in a mental chess game, Brian discovers that this project is something bigger than anticipated: a high-tech program guarded by men who will do anything to protect their secrets. The deeper into the rabbit hole Brian goes, the more he places himself and loved ones at risk.

With the help of the tavern’s spirited waitress, MELANIE, and his philandering friend MASON, Brian must abandon his strict moral code to help untangle himself from this web of conspiracy.


AMG.MEDIA GROUP has acquired the rights to produce this film. 


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