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THE DIVISION’S¬†educational department, VFXTREME, not only provides VFX courses in full depth (from concept to full production) but also includes fundamental VFX business training which has never been done before. For the first time ever, students get the opportunity to learn about the business behind VFX and how they can increase their cash flow, brand themselves, and make the most out of their creative careers.

Our Courses Include

Project Based Courses
VFX Business Fundementals
Software Based Courses
Project Based Courses
Real-Time Projects Converted Into Full Educational Online-Courses

Managed by The Division team, our online educational platform, Vfxtreme specializes in providing certain kinds of courses that are based on real VFX and CGI projects/ jobs for films and TV commercials.

VFX Business Fundementals
Full A-Z Business Training For VFX Industry Professionals

Our courses are based on real-world jobs and each course contains fully modified business and financial study including bidding, quoting agency or client’s communication boards, and related creative studies such as storyboarding, concept art, creative brief, and pre-visualization work.

This initiative is supported by the “VFX and CG Pricing” community at Facebook ( and the Vfxtreme e.Magazine which is scheduled to be released soon.

Software Based Courses
Same Project, Same Result, Different Software

For production considerations, visual projects usually use a certain set of tools and VFX software, which mostly are developed in our entity, The Division. Yet, we understand the need to provide other technical means to achieve the same results using the usual available VFX software and plugins, which is why we may release multiple versions of the same course using different software.

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