Archetype Media Group

Who we are

Founded by Academy AwardTM winning VFX specialists & digital solution innovators with a collective experience of over 80 years, AMG.Media Group finances and co-produces films, television, and commercial content. Plus, we also develop our own digital technology & educational solutions through our subsidiaries The Division & Violet.

Mission Statement

To revolutionize the media industry we combine our access to renowned film & TV professionals, inspiring tech innovations, and the latest in VFX training for all industries and individuals. With exciting and dynamic global collaborators to support us, AMG aims for extraordinary potential with universal assistance, lucrative production turnarounds, and unrivaled costs.

Our Team

Founder / Chief Executive Officer
Poya Shohani

Poya was previously part of a VFX team that worked on multiple Academy Award™ winning films for Best Achievement in Visual Effects. A career spanning over 18+ blockbuster Hollywood films.

Since then Poya has become an accomplished entrepreneur with deep connections in the media and technology industries, attracting top talent and studio and distribution partners to his business. Now, Poya Shohani is the Founder and CEO of Archetype Media Group.

He has an expansive track record for creating projects with multiple revenue performances with his excellent leadership qualities in crew management and on-budget production.

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Co-Founder / Chief Content Officer
Hashem Alshaer

Hashem Alshaer is a VFX director/ supervisor and a producer with more than 18 years of experience in visual effects for feature films, movies, and TVCs as well as in visual communications education fields.

Coming from a mathematics/ physics & electronics engineering background, mixed with arts, Hashem is Dedicated to the work on correlations of visual effects, film production, and real-world simulations, and seeks out commercially and technically viable ways to form closer working methods /aesthetics/ and production planning which deal with both areas simultaneously.

Besides his work as a CCO at Archetype media (AMG), he is currently managing the content creation at Cmivfx, the leading visual effects education provider, as well as 3Quarter LLC/ USA

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