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Archetype Media Group (AMG) subsidiary based in the UAE, Abu Dhabi at TwoFour54 studios, 3Quarters specialises in education, high-end VFX, animation, and post-production services. 3Quarters has worked on many international feature film and commercials projects integrating VFX to create realistic creature, destruction scenarios, liquid beauty shots, and character doubles that would have otherwise been too impractical, expensive, or simply impossible to capture on film. 

We have mastered creating the highest quality of animated animals, large scale liquids and fluid simulations, character doubles, and heavy effects such as fire, smoke, and explosions.

We are fully equipped and experienced to make crowd simulations using both particle duplication and massive crowd systems.

At 3Quatars, we also offer educational programs for filmmaking, VFX, animation, and conceptual art online through our educational platform, used within local and international universities and institutions.


Kid Friendly Content
Kid Friendly Content

3Quarter has been one of the leading companies in creating commercials for children’s toys, arts and craft tools, action figures, characters, tv shows, intros, electronics, education/edutainment, pre-school, playsets and much more.

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